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William Moses
DD Sports/ShotTracker
William Moses, CEO of DDSports Inc., has an extensive background in transactions and management in the media, entertainment, sports and technology industries. After a successful career as an M&E investment banker, Mr. Moses served as the Senior Vice President – International and New Media for the NFL, after which he joined IBM as Vice President of Broadcast, Cable and Sports for the company’s Global Telecommunications and Media Division. In that role, Mr. Moses created and launched ventures that resulted in the and Internet sites, ushering the sports business and leagues into the new media age during the 1990s. He also led the deployment of advanced scoring systems and data analytics across the entire global sports industry.

Mr. Moses’ extensive experience also includes recent positions as the Manager of Sport 10 IP, Ltd., the intellectual property holder of the rights to Pele and as a senior adviser to Maestro Interactive, Inc. a leading interactive streaming company.
William Moses